December 9, 2009

Last Week of Class

So this is the last week of class so no more blogs based on lab assignments.

However, some of you have asked some good insect questions so I will cover those in subsequent blogs. In addition, some of you have asked what exactly I do so I'll cover some of my research and what goes on in the life of an entomology graduate student.

So, in that vein: this week in addition to finishing up final homework assignments (alfalfa weevil and bean leaf beetle) and projects I have been preparing for the ESA meeting in Indianapolis. This means editing my presentation slides and trying to practice my talk. I, also, have agreed to write an abstract for an international meeting in June in Portugal (no I don't get to go). If the abstract gets accepted then I will write a paper for the Proceedings Journal and make a poster for my major advisor to take with him when he goes to the meeting. After the ESA meeting there is a RAMP meeting which means that I must do another presentation but this one is just an update of my research and more informal so less practicing time.

So hopefully next week I will have pictures of Indianapolis and provide some details on ESA.