March 26, 2012

Spring Flowers!

I promised my friend that I would post flower pictures last week but it rained and rained and rained and rained; I'm not complaining I love the rain and we really need it but it did slow down my flower power and much needed dirt therapy but for your enjoyment: I give you daffodiles

Iris? I hope, I hope because it doesn't look like a crocus to me so what else could it be?

Tiny purple and white Grape Hyacinth and a daffodile. I thought the Grape Hyacinths  were gone but they popped back up. Maybe they needed more rain?!! Yes, I haven't weeded around this side of the tank.

"Giant" Hyacinth, I'm not sure what kind but I'm sure my friend will fill us in; fortunately this picture includes the Grape Hyacinths so you can see that they are very tiny in comparison.

Yes, there are TWO count them TWO "Giant Hyacinths!" My friend said she paid for one but there are two growing now so either the bulb split or they decided to multiply.

Now for the non-flower.  There is this thin grass growing around the Iris, daffodils, and tulips planted around the tree by the back door.  What is this stuff? I noticed some bulb thing in the middle when I was weeding yesterday so now I think it may be planted but....... I don't recall being told there was anything other than the three things mentioned above. HELP!