November 4, 2010

Cousin Pandora has Landed!!

I guess reality has finally sank in; my closest family is really and truly leaving for Fort Hood.

We all knew this day was coming... first I moved into their house, learned the ins and outs of country life, and now Anne's cat Pandora has arrived to live with me until they return from Fort Hood.

The ride from Anne's place to "my" house was mostly quiet. Pan would occasionally talk to me and rub her head against my fingers. I moved her into the bathroom where she stayed while I set up the dog kennel in my bedroom, cleaned the dog kennel tray, set up the kennel, and then while I took a shower. She was okay with ALL of this, purring to me and talking.

However, Pandora's happiness quickly went down the tubes when she discovered Woudin outside the bathroom. She would growl and hiss at him while he moved around my bedroom. There for awhile I think she may have thought he was Isabelle (her Dad's cat, i.e. arch-nemesis). The reason I thought this was that she saw Tzani but didn't hiss at her just at Woudin. Then bedtime came and Tzani was on my bed and moved so I could curl up in the bed. Hiss, growl, growl, hiss from the kennel. Yup, Pandora is really NOT happy; she has finally realized there are TWO OF THEM and ONE OF HER.

I slept the whole night without any problems from the "children." This morning was entertaining...... I let her out of the kennel for awhile so she could explore and get readjusted (remember she lived here before we moved in). While, I was in the bathroom I heard unhappiness from Pan and then Woudin comes racing into the bathroom. Poor Woudin he just wants to be friends and I told him Pan is scared and needs some time. I put Pan back in the kennel so she could watch the household from the safety of "home (kennel with her cat box, toys, basket, food, and shirt from mom)." While I was exercising, Tzani came into the bedroom, just talking away, Pandora hissed and growled at her for awhile, and finally Tzani hissed back which shut Pan up. Then Tzani looked at me like whats her problem, mom? and then went mumbling and talking to herself back into the kitchen.

When I left the house, my cats were in the living room looking at Pan and she was looking back.

At times, I think Pan is just being unhappy for show. This morning she was standing on her back legs trying to see what my cats were up to and she seems interested in them but as soon as I'm around Growl, Growl, Hiss, Growl, Growl. She's just going to have to come to grips with the fact that she has to share "Aunt Angela."

Don't worry Anne- I'm sure we will be fine it just takes some getting used to and the weekend is coming up so provided I don't have to get my tires on Saturday, I will stay home with the "children" all weekend and play referee while they learn how to get along. :)

Note- I will have to take pictures but I just haven't yet.