July 1, 2012

Summer Reading Program

It took me many years to learn how to read.  I was held back in first grade and put in the "special" reading program until I was in the third grade. Then I took off like a rocket ship.  I participated in the "Book-It" program when I was in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade; I, also, participated in the summer reading program at the local library. These programs has prizes for a certain number of books; I remember it being lots and lots of fun! I even won the Jayhawk (yes, yes, I know) reading program award for reading the most books (over 300) in the 6th grade.

However, when I was allowed to read books from the adult library there were no reading programs for adults.  Fortunately, when I lived in Fort Collins,Co and Manhattan, KS there were adult reading programs.  You receive a prize for signing up and then you were entered in weekly drawings to win prizes.

This year the Manhattan Public Library started their adult reading program the first week of June.  I signed up and received a bag of black tea.  Today I received a call around noon to tell me I won the drawing for this week.  I was surprised since this was the first time I had won a drawing!!!! I enter these programs because I love to read and it is fairly easy for me to read 5-10 books a week. However................

    now, I have a new mug to drink tea or coffee in and.............

I can get a free Happy Meal from McDonald's. I'm sure my favorite 5 year old will appreciate whatever toy I get from the Happy Meal.

What do you do for summer fun?