January 29, 2011

Nebraska Craziness

So I decided last weekend that I couldn't take it anymore and I drove with a friend to Nebraska.  We stopped in Lincoln and meet with a couple of her friends for lunch.  Lunch wasn't great but her friends were quite nice.  Then we drove to Fremont where I had scheduled an appointment to get some color done.

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Nebraska during the winter if it didn't snow while I was there.  So after the tat I drove in a winter storm to meet Don in Bellevue.  They had closed the shop due to the snow but Don had dinner with us and stayed in the hotel room with us.  The next day, we went to a record store (you can't take a trip with my friend Carlie without hitting up a record store) and then went to the shop so I could add a few more piercings to my right ear.

BTW- the initial piercing did in fact hurt. The one on the top was the worst and I may be reconsidering if I get the other ear done. However, I think Don did an excellent job and as one of my friends said, "I like it and it looks natural." We drove back after we had dinner with Don.  In case you were wondering, YES this is how graduate students roll!

NOTE: I had another moment regarding "HIM" and now I keep singing this song in my head.  There are days where I can't understand the human brain and how it works.  However, I'm hopeful that some day, he won't be on my mind or that when I think about him it's only in passing and not for days on end. However, I digress and I hope you enjoy the video.

January 6, 2011

Blog Statistics

I noticed this handy blog tab which is labeled STATS so I checked it out and I found out some surprising things about my blog.

Top three posts:
3rd Place was a tie at 24 views- Boxelder Bugs  vs Lady Bugs and Veteran's Day
2nd Place at 123 views- Preview of Entomology "101"
1st Place at 184 views- Lab 3: Pentamid Sampling & other Unexpected Finds

My blog has been visited by people from 10 different countries; the top 3 are:
3rd Place- Brazil with 67 visits
2nd Place- Canada with 192 visits
1st Place- US with over 2,500 visits

I thought the picture was cool to look at and maybe next year I can compare.  Interestingly, I discovered a new country- Lativia.

The number one referering site is www.google.com; number one key word is boxelder bug; the number one referring URL is no surprise to me but it belongs to my fantastic friend, Anne!

Wow- I didn't know I had a "fan-base" but I clearly do so I will keep at it and try to post more insect facts!

I was surprised to see that my birthday blogs and one of my Halloween blogs made the list of top visited so I know its not just about the insects.

Sleeping cats

Have you ever noticed that cats sleep in so many different places?

Woudin behind my nightstand

Tzani in "my" chair; I insist that the chair is mine, however, I rarely get to sit in it since one of the cats is almost always in it when I want to sit down.

Woudin in the bathtub

Woudin on a box; really a box- this doesn't seem too comfortable to me but apparently he is happy here.

This was in the summer so I'm guessing he was trying to cool off but I really think he can sleep anywhere.

Tzani on my foot rest

Woudin in “his” cubby. By the way, I bought this as a “reward” to Woudin and Tzani for being so well behaved when we moved out to the country. Tzani still will NOT have anything to do with it.

Tzani in the towel closet
Doesn't she look happy? If I would let her get away with it she would live in the towel closet.


Tzani on the day bed- this is where I can find her. If you come and visit, you will find her under my new bed with Pandora neither of whom likes strangers but they get along with each other.

Woudin in the cat carrier- a familiar sight

Woudin also likes the to curl up in the sink and he fist so perfectly and he is so cute in there. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him in there. For a day or two he was stationed in the crawl space under the house but I didn't get a picture of him there either.  Eventually, Pandora went downstairs, walked along the pipe, hissed at him, and then came back upstairs.  He figured it out and emerged safely from the crawl space.