August 18, 2012

D O N E........ with experiments!

I wish I had pictures of the clean cabinets where I kept my sieves, of the incubator where I held my colonies, of the walk-in incubator which held my experiements, or the drawers where I kept miscellaneous items such as pens and insects to photograph but I don't.

However, what I do have is the relief that I no longer HAVE to work every DAMN weekend collecting data. I have decided to start taking Friday and Saturday off since one day off is no longer motivating me to get through 6 more days of "crap." For the time being I will continue to go to the lab but only to do more data analysis and create graphs in SigmaPlot.

Oh, yea..................

I looked up the graduate school deadlines and as long as "he who shall not be named" gives me timely revisions I should be able to graduate in December. 


Irregardless, I have drawn my line in the sand; I am leaving KSU in December with or without a job and with or without a degree.  It scares me to think that I may not have a job and pisses me off  that I may not have a degree but I can't afford another semester, mentally or financially!

Let us all pray to our respective deities that whatever is best for me is what happens to me! :)

On a completely different note,  my on-line dating life has became more interesting since I admitted that I'm planning on leaving Kansas in December.  Now you might think that these are men that are only interested in casual sex but you would be wrong.  You may suspect that they also want to vacate Kansas but all of them are established  with good jobs and homes; only one, yes there is more than one (three to be exact),  has the potential and desire for moving but only if he and his game studio partner get their game on the market!   WTF!!!!?  I guess I will just roll with it and see where it takes me; you know I'm praying this isn't a sign that I need to stay here. I love, love, love my "family" but I want to travel to different, new scenery!


August 12, 2012

Colby, KS

A friend of mine from Colby posted this and I thought to myself really?!! So I thought I would check it out and post it for your viewing pleasure.

Why didn't anything fun like this happen when I lived in Colby?