May 4, 2012

Irises, Irises, More Irises, and a Rose

The Irises are blooming and have been for awhile; it seems very strange and quite early to have so many pretty Irises; I wonder what Mother Nature is thinking about all these Irises!

I'm sure I have shown you some of these before but I find them very pretty and I hope you enjoy them as well!

The next two are over by the red barn; they didn't bloom last year because they were new to the soil but this year they are blooming rather proudly.

I have so say I really like them both;
what are the odds that I can have a few of these when I leave?

The purple one is very dark but I think I had too much light for the color.
I guess I should try it again. :)

My friend has many different types of purple Irises.
The blue beard on the purple is quite startling.

I'm sure I have shown you this one before but it is still one of my favorites. I really like the contrasting shades and the yellow beard.

I don't recall this lovely Iris blooming last year.
I want one of these as well.
I think my friend will need to provide me with an Iris "shopping" list!
Finally, a single rose.  My friend cut some stems from a rose bush and planted it in the ground.  The bush is growing quite well and has several roses this year!