November 16, 2011

Still Here?

I apologize for my complete lack of ability to manage a blog, eight credit hours of PhD coursework, plus research! However, I will be back just hang with me.  I have several blogs I want to do and I haven't given up on blogging but I have had to re-prioritize what was important to me in order to keep afloat with the PhD program.  I have one more year left and I'm NOT giving in now!

This is how I felt when I found out that I won't have to take classes next semester and I get to move my PhD qualifying exams forward!

Of course, I can't dance as well as that young man but I did go home and DANCE and sing; I can't tell you how happy I am that I won't be taking classes and qualifying exams at the same time!!!

Here's the song he was dancing to; the lyrics are "messed up" but the beat is kick ass and I love to dance to this song. I'm sure we can have a philosophical debate about the lyrics but I chose to just listen and dance, dance, dance.

I will be back "soon;" there are only three weeks left in this semester plus Thanksgiving week so I'm finishing up my last few projects and getting ready for the qualifying exams in February. I plan on blogging a few times before the exams start but I need to finish this semester! Have faith!