September 21, 2012

Traveling with Cats Part II

I knew there was going to be cat drama when Tzani woke me up at 6 am crying and would not calm down.  After a few hours, I decided to start getting ready to head out since Tzani was clearly not going to calm down so I might as well move out.

I started with my stuff and then I went to get the cats in their carriers and leave the hotel. Woudin was already packed up in his carrier; apparently he is fine with getting himself settled and having me shut the door. Tzani, on the other hand, was hiding at the end of the bed and under the blankets. I had to dig her out and then she stuck her front paws out in an attempt to prevent me from putting her in her carrier. I know it sounds funny and I laugh now but so aggravating when you have had less sleep than what you think is ideal and now your cat doesn't want to get in the carrier to go home. Tzani, I thought that is why you woke me up at 6 am!

I finally got them out the door and Tzani started crying before I even got to the elevator. She cried so much that she got Woudin started. They cried in the elevator, past the front desk (yes the manager looked at us as we went by), across the parking lot, and while I put them in the car. I then went to check out so we could roll out of Lincoln. After checking out, I got back in the car. CAT DRAMA. Tzani screaming her head off and Woudin crying like someone killed his best-friend probably because she was screaming like she was dying. I was away from the car for less than 10 minutes and I did say I would be back. Perhaps the next time I can just check us out and then get us all in the car.

Woudin's carrier is a medium dog carrier which only fits on the seat whearase Tzani's is a cat carrier which can sit on the floarboard. I could easily reach into Woudin's carrier and pet him and calm him down. Tzani, on the other hand, tried to escape from the carrier when I tried to pet her and calm her down. So I had to close her carrier back up and try to remain calm.

The attempt at calmness was in hope that my calmness could help soothe the irritated, elderly, kitty but no such luck. She cried the whole way home with brief periods of quiet and calm. Woudin, on the other hand, rarely said anything and pretty much slept the whole way back home.

Perhaps the next time we travel I can try to put them in the same carrier again. The last time I did this, when we moved into the country, Woudin started the excessive drooling thing which I thought was because he was too hot but the vet thinks it's anxiety and/or stress. Maybe if I put them in the same carrier it will be easier for me to calm them down and they can see each other and realize that we are all in this together.

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