September 20, 2012

Vacation Part IV: The Gardens

My last full day of vacation resulted from a miscommunication between me and my "godson."

However, I believe everything happens for a reason. Since I missed the trip to the Omaha zoo I decided to check out the Sunken gardens in Lincoln. There was construction around the garden so I parked in the Lincoln zoo parking lot and checked out the Rose Garden first.

                                                              Garden decoration

                                                Purple flowers for my friends Anne and Bonnie.

                         If you look closely you can see the Sunken Garden from the Rose Garden.

                                                   Entryway into the Sunken Garden

                                                               Close-up of the dome

I'm not sure you can call this "macrophotography!?" I spend a lot of time following this beauty around so I could get a good photo. I kept thinking "you really need to get a real job so you can upgrade to a Nikon and get some zoom lenses."

I tried to take a photo of myself; I wasn't going to show this picture but I actually like the composition! My face is almost perfectly symmetrical (don't look at my eyebrows) and then the foliage in the back just sets the picture up.

I asked a random stranger to take a photo of me next to one of the fountains. See I learned from not asking someone to take a photo of me and the newlyweds.

Pretty lotus in one of the water fountains. I decided to head back over to the Rose Garden to find my car but I was stopped by this plaque.

I looked at the plaque and I decided to just sit on a bench and rest. I sat there for 45 minutes; just me, the insects, the plants, and the Goddess. I didn't think about my thesis, looking for a job, trying to find a man so I can start a family, how irritated my major adviser makes me, my biological family, my "family" (I love you guys and gals), or anything else. I just sat still and watched the bees trying to pollinate the flowers and the herbivorous insects (grasshoppers) doing their thing. It was a spectacular 45 minutes!

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