September 16, 2012

Vacation Part II: Cemetery JOY!

So Friday morning, I thought I would take a look at the Lincoln attractions pamphlet which was in my hotel room. I found several interesting things here in Lincoln which is one reason I didn't go to the Omaha zoo today. On the list of things to "do" was the Sunken Gardens, the Lincoln Childrens Zoo, Pioneers Park/Pioneers Park Nature Center, and WYUKA Cemetery. The WYUKA cemetery was established in 1869 by an Act of the Nebraska Legislature. It follows the concepts "pioneered" at MT. Auburn Cemetery which is near Boston. WYUKA was Lincoln's first park and is recognized as a historic cemetery. As many of you know I used to go to cemeteries to take pictures. After I read the description of the cemetery I was inspired to check it out. So I located a map and decided to venture to the cemetery after the art museum. This first picture I thought my Manhattan Peps would find interesting. Umberger is the name of one of the buildings on campus; it was named after a benefactor. The other interesting thing about this headstone is the flowers engraved on the marble. There were many headstones with flowers on them.

This next picture was the top of a man's headstone. I found it very interesting; please tell me what you think.

I took a look online and found links for women in WWII memorials. I'm not sure if this memorial was meant as a tribute for those women but it is definately interesting. The next series of photos is one of my "tangents!" Maybe. I have always been fascinated with gravestones which resemble nature and/or have a brazier attached. As many of you know I have been pagan for many years and fire is frequently a part of ceremonies which involve braziers. I saw this gravestone from behind.

I took a picture from the front.

Then, I decided to take a look inside the brazier.

Yes, someone is using this brazier. I'm not quite sure what the orange, plastic stuff is all about but that is natural beeswax in the water. The water looks fresh not like rain water or water that has been sitting for awhile. I guess that someone is using this brazier for their ceremonies. I'm not opposed to this use as long as "it harms none." Next stop..........the wedding.

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