September 13, 2012

Traveling with cats

So about a month ago I asked a student in our lab if she would be interested in making some extra money by watching my cats while I was in Nebraska. I, also, told her that if it went well I would ask her to watch them again when I go to an ESA conference in Tennessee. She agreed but I didn't see her until the day before I left for Lincoln which means the cats got to travel with me! Many of you know that my cats are not terribly fond of leaving the house. Tzani will cry the whole way; Woudin will cry and drool so badly that I think there is something medically wrong with him. Thirty minutes in a car with two crying cats can drive you insane. I decided to try to start out on a good note so I bought them toys from Pet Co and brought the toys home. I placed the bag on the floor while I tried to take care of some chores in the house.

Woudin found his toy, removed it from the bag, and started playing with the toy. Doesn't he look happy? I bet you are wondering about Tzani; have no fear I got her an herbal toy. It has a buckwheat center which can be warmed up to comfort an elderly cat. Sounds like it is the right choice her her, right?

She doesn't seem sure about how she feels about this "toy." I decided to put the toys away and keep working on my chores to get ready to go. I changed the towels in the bottom of their carriers and placed a pillowcase from my bed on top of the towels (thanks for the suggestion sister BG). After that I started getting ready for bed and look what I found?

I guess he was ready to go; I told him we weren't leaving until tomorrow (meaning today) but he stayed in his carrier. I woke up with him on the bed but after he ate he went back into his carrier. All morning he stayed in his carrier and Tzani hung around me. She would get upset when I took stuff out to the car but otherwise fine. When it was time to go they got a bit upset but seemed okay. The problems didn't start until we were in the car and moving. I thought having Woudin in the back seat where he could see me since he seemed more calm and Tzani in the front close to me would be a good idea. Tzani was okay and calmed down since I could open her carrier and stick my hand in to pet her. Woudin, however, was drooling like a cat with rabies. I was so worried about him that I missed my turn into Ogden to get gas.

I decided to pull over in Manhattan at the Home Depot and rearrange the cats. Tzani went onto the floorboard and Woudin came into the front seat. Woudin was drooling so bad I thought he might have a serious medical problem but when I opened his cage and started petting him he started to calm down. He continued to drool but it wasn't as bad except when I had to stop the car to get gas and to go potty. He drooled pretty badly for awhile after that but did calm down.

About halfway there, Beatrice, Tzani was vocalizing again. I swear she was saying "are we there yet and how much longer." She calmed down again but once we got closer to Lincoln she got vocal again; her carrier isn't tall enough that she can stand and stretch but Woudin's is so he is the lucky one.

The weren't happy with being in the bathroom while I got them situated in the bathroom (cat litter, water, but no food) and then got my stuff up from the cat. Yes, the cats are like the Marines- first in and last out. I'm sure you noticed no food; I left their container of food on the kitchen table at home (DAMN IT). I remembered everything but the food. Fortunately, there is a Pet Smart close by and it carries the cats food so I went and got them some food. I then went over to Walmart to get some groceries for my mini-fridge and supper for me. When I got back I let the cats explore the room.

Here they are checking things out; this is my stuff but that's not mine.

Tzani adapts better than Woudin; after she wandered around for awhile she decided to get up on the bed and hang out with me while I uploaded some photos for Facebook.

Woudin is adapting but he still hasn't made it up to the bed. Notice that he isn't drooling here. That stopped after we got up in the room and he was out of his carrier.  He is currently passed out on the floor curled up next to "his" cosmic banana (yellow thing in the photo) which is filled with the "best catnip in the world."  Tzani is curled up next to him; maybe they are waiting for me to shower and get ready for bed.

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